Being raised in Manhattan presented many cultural opportunities that were just a walk, subway ride or bus ride away. Carnegie Hall was just a fifteen minute bus ride and the Metropolitan Museum of Art took an equal amount of time to get to by foot. The activities presented at the institutions were enjoyed and appreciated by Joe Constantino, and eventually he turned to the piano. Before long, praciticing the piano became a labor of love.

After three years in the Marine Corps, he received his Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from the Manhattan School of Music. This was followed by a teaching career, and post-graduate education at New York University. Joe Constantino then opened up the door to a Director of Music position in a school district on Long Island. He was also fortunate enough to serve on the adjunct faculties of Dowling College and Five Towns College.

It was traveling that first got Joe into photography. After doing some extensive shooting in Europe and presenting slide shows of his travels, he became interested in sports photography. Joe was lucky enough to obtain passes to professional sporting events which gave him opportunity to shoot football and basketball up close. This interest further developed, and blossomed to include nature and fine art photography. Joe Constantino has been dedicated to black and white photography since the early 70's, when he built his own darkroom in the basement of his home. These days, Joe recently converted over into digital photography.

Infrared, Street, and Nature photography are his chief areas of interest, and Joe takes advantage of the opportunities as they are presented. To him, it has been challenging and enjoyable learning the various techniques to achieve quality results in the different areas of photography. His objective is to achieve quality results, and a modest Mr. Constantine hopes these objectives are attained. The area of photography that he enjoys the most? According to Joe, it is "that which I am shooting at the time".

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